Blue Planet 2: Attenborough defends shots filmed in studio

An octopus that armours itself with shells and rocks, fish that use sign language and tools and dazzling cuttlefish that appear to hypnotise their prey are among the new spectacles uncovered by the series, which starts later this week. But, while the vast majority of the filming was done in the wild, some crucial behaviour could only be captured on film in controlled or laboratory conditions.

The BBC faced controversy in when a Frozen Planet programme, also narrated by Sir David Attenborough, combined wild polar bear footage with film of cubs in an ice den taken in a Dutch zoo , a conjunction that only emerged after the show had been broadcast. The Blue Planet team also worked with scientists to accurately recreate a rock pool and the burrow of a zebra mantis shrimp to enable closeup filming.

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The fearsome-looking fangtooth, which has the largest teeth relative to its body size for any fish, was filmed in a special chamber aboard a ship that had retrieved samples from the deep ocean. The source of the footage is not highlighted during the programme. We want to tell all aspects of the oceans and we will use all the film craft techniques to do that.

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File size:. Open your image file to the full size using image processing software. Dimensions: x px More information:. A few years later, Starband and Direcway formally DirecPC released two-way dish internet systems, which no longer required a dial up connection. These systems provided decent download speeds, but upload speeds were no much faster then dial up. Networking these system was also a problem.

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The user had to use Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing or other custom software for networking the satellite Internet connection. After a few years, both DirecWay and Starband released standalone Satellite Internet Modems with built in networking ability.

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Starband has faded away as a serious satellite internet provider for residential applications. They still have a strong presence in the commercial VSAT industry. Starband has made several attempt to reenter the residential market. In , Direcway started changing their name to HughesNet. HughesNet has grown over the last few years to establish themselves as a leader in the residential and SOHO satellite Internet provider market.

Today HughesNet uses advanced DVB compression technologies and a new network operations center to provide even faster satellite internet service to consumers and SOHO's and business customers. HughesNet uses several dish sizes and transmit radios to provide a multi-tier service platform.

Ka-band provides more precise spot beam control and allows the use of smaller dishes.