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Answers to frequently asked questions about vehicle impoundment under ARS Answers to frequently asked questions about vehicle impoundment under Phoenix City Code, Chapter If your vehicle was impounded by the Phoenix Police Department for violation of ARS and Phoenix City Code Chapter 36, for information on your rights and how to reclaim the vehicle.

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Information for lien holders or repossession agents. Skip to main content Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Market Street at the Yellow Breeches creek, for a vehicle break-in that had just occurred. Jan 02 January 1, UAT On Tuesday, December 31, it was reported to Upper Allen Township Police that engine parts were stolen from a disabled vehicle that was parked at a storage facility in the block of Allendale Road.

The theft was reported to have occurred sometime between December 17, and December 31, …. Dec 27 It was learned that the above pictured Streaker brand go-kart was stolen from outside the residence. A witness saw a vehicle …. Ross P.

Routine license check reveals stolen plate, man with warrant

Glynn, Deputy Public Defender, Phoenix, for appellant. The single question raised on this appeal is whether appellant's constitutional Fourth Amendment rights were violated when police officers conducted a warrantless inspection of the vehicle identification numbers VIN's on the truck he had driven to work to ascertain if it was stolen. Under the circumstances disclosed by the record we find no violation of constitutional rights and we accordingly affirm appellant's convictions for felony theft of a motor vehicle and removing vehicle identification numbers.

In violation of former A.

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On the morning of December 13, , ABC Datsun, an automobile dealership, reported to police that a new blue pick-up truck had been stolen from its lot. ABC Datsun had received information from one Wuthrick that appellant and others had stolen the truck by replacing its ignition with the ignition from another Datsun pick-up truck of somewhat similar color which appellant owned.

Wuthrick lived in the same apartment complex as appellant and he wanted to earn a reward. Responding to the report, the police officers talked to Wuthrick who further advised them that he had been informed by appellant that he had replaced the new truck's vehicle identification number plates with those from his own Datsun and had also added to the new vehicle a camper top, bumpers, mirrors and Massachusetts license plates.

The nonconfidential VIN is found in two places on the vehicle, on the door post next to the driver's seat and underneath the hood. The engine number is located at a specified place on the engine. There is also a second, confidential VIN which is located at a generally undisclosed place on the vehicle.

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Armed with this information and having informed themselves of the VIN's on appellant's own pick-up truck, the officers set out to find appellant and the vehicle in question. After an unsuccessful trip to appellant's residence they arrived at appellant's place of employment at a time when appellant was away on his employer's business and could not be reached. The officers found the vehicle described to them in the employer's parking lot and preliminarily identified it as being stolen.

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It had Massachusetts license plates and the other external features referred to by Wuthrick and the auto dealer. The officers spoke with appellant's supervisor, who stated that the truck "seemed a lot newer than the one he [appellant] had been driving originally, and it was a different color.

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  4. The truck was not locked. The officers proceeded to open the door and the hood and checked the nonconfidential VIN plates. These matched the VIN of the vehicle owned by appellant.

    The officers then checked the engine number. This did not correspond with the engine number on appellant's own vehicle but did match the engine number of the vehicle stolen from ABC Datsun. The officers then contacted the police department's stolen auto detail which checked the confidential VIN. It corresponded with the confidential VIN of the stolen vehicle.